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Nathan Rodd is a singer-songwriter from Tel-Aviv. His classical background coupled with the diverse music genres to which he was exposed, creates a colorful and rich world of timeless melodies. Nathan’s curiosity and open-mindedness to the world of music, brought forth a soulful and playful attitude to his songs.


His debut EP ‘Slowly’, which was released in December 2020, is a nostalgic, dreamy album, somewhere in the realm of folk-acoustic-rock, and deals with the matters of his relationships and self-realizations. The title ‘Slowly’  represents a highlight moment in the creation of the album and reflects Nathan’s acceptance of his personal rhythm, and a returning of his focus back towards himself and not to the outside.  Since its release, it has been receiving wonderful reviews from Europe, the US, and Israel, and it has been featured in a variety of playlists on Spotify.


Nathan started his musical path falling in love with classical piano studies. He discovered his connection to the guitar at age 14 and found in it a substantial tool of expression.

For the past few years, he finds deep meaning in busking, which takes up a large place in his life. Doing so on a daily basis, enables Nathan to be more open, present, and have a much deeper connection with the audience he is performing in front of. This dynamic constitutes a significant personal and professional stepping stone, turning his performances into an authentic, compelling experience.